Under London

Under London (and The Spletzer-Martin No.5) is a fictional story set in the not too distant future in London. It is very much a work still in progress and I welcome comments, suggestion and questions. Start at 1 at the bottom of the page and work your way up.

28. The Smell of Rubber

27. Blue Phalli

26. A Memory of Abel in the Future

25. Red Wine and Revolution 3

24. Winter

23. The Fisher Boys Club

22. Sewer Familiars

21. A Spletzer-Martin 5 Moment

20. Red Wine and Revolution – The Luxury of Atheism

19. Red Wine and Revolution – Elsie’s thoughts.

18. The Mutation

17. Elsie’s pragmatism

16. The Sin Eater

15. Douglas, the charmer

14. Betwixt and Between

13. Altar

12. Malformed and Obscene

11. Her Pet Project

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