The Bric-a-brac Emporium

All artwork is uses recycled, found and reused materials unless otherwise stated.

Bird and bones

Unique original. Box made from old Amazon boxes and bones found my back garden. Signed.


Wunder Box

Unique. A box of everyday wonders, diagrams and notes. Signed by Miss Roberts


Swamp Monster – A Biro Beast

An original hand done drawing from the series Biro Beasts by Miss Roberts.Ink on paper, signed, unframed. 25cm x 10 cm


Under the Hazelnut Tree

Unique booklet on handmade paper with an old folk spell written at the bottom, original. Signed by Miss Roberts. Ink, watercolour, pen.


Garden Corner

Print. Unframed. Signed by Miss Roberts.A5


Altar to the Cockroach God

Recycled bank statements, acrylic paint, watercolour, ink