Twitter – a very silly poem

Bird - Crow
The crow knows your fetish sports

The pigeon is a terrible bore

Swallows are shallow

Of them we ‘ll talk no more

Magpies lie

And Blue tits spit

With a vengeance

Make spiteful jibes

About the way folk walk

Crows know

Your dirty thoughts

Your fetish sports

They’ll talk!

To the blackbird

Who’s heard it all before…

But he


Reports back

To the white dove

For a feather to measure your soul

on Celestial scales

One day

Lets hope not today!

Today lets concern ourselves with why

Why does the magpie lie?

The Pissed and Passed It Fairy

The pissed and passed it fairy

On top of the Christmas tree

Left outside three weeks ago

Should have been cleaned away

But no

Outrageously blasphemous

Cursing the world

Left pissed and passed it

On top of a droopy prickly point


The cheap cherry on top of the cake

Over sweetened

Drowned in brandy

Good for attracting that initial attention

But once drawn in

It is

At best



Dangerously tacky

The cake still tastes good though!

Place the cherry to one side

Its sickly sticky pink

No longer required