Miss Roberts’ New Year Resolutions

1. Use real time instead of imaginary and so get to things on time.

2. Learn to throw stuff away, the wardrobe of single, hole ridden socks will never turn into cuddly door insulating snakes.

3. Accept that tidying will always be with you, it will NEVER end!

4. Don’t loose your temper. This was my resolution for last year and I kept it pretty much, didn’t even loose it when my mum kicked Killer (my dog, also known as Monty) across the kitchen floor this Christmas.

5. Try not to be scared of big monsters, giants and hospitals.

6. Take Killer for walks in the morning instead of the afternoon.

7. Never stop practicing drawing, printing, piano, accordion, singing, harmonica…

8. Remember – decorative glitter was created by the devil!

Giant monster flowers
Giant Monster Flowers