Carnival Time – and my birthday

The slow approach of carnival season.

February lurks round the corner, carnival time!

I won’t be going to Venice or Rio but I can have a jolly good party of my own.

It’s also my birthday time and a bit of theatrical glitz after what was a truly grim Christmas is what I need.

So on Thursday 24th February the Rude Mechanicals will be holding a night of carnivalesque splendour, costumes and masks ahoy, at Candid Arts in Islington, very close to Angel tube. A prize for the best costume.

It will be a night of music, dance, animations and short films. The amazing Bird Radio will be playing, as will The Star Nose Moles. The miraculous Jo Wonder will be telling stories. There will be numbers performed by Miss Robert and Dr. Cos in duo mode, as well as the whole band in full splendour. DJ New Wave Steve will be bringing his mighty ghetto blasters.

Not long now…

It you cannot attend the gig in person, say you live miles and miles away, the air flights are all booked and your wings are just not quite strong enough yet to make it over the ocean, I still want you to send me pictures of your own carnivalesque celebrations this February, OK?

By the way, Miss R loves to receive valentines cards, online or by post. Just thought I’d mention it.

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