A small monkey demon sits in my kitchen, plus gigs, new band members and an exhibition

I have been lazy at writing blogs of late. So much has been happening yet I haven’t mentioned any of it.

To start we have two new members to the Rude Mechanicals – Marina on bass and Jeff on drums – they are great! We’ve played two gigs together now, and they’ve gone swimmingly.

We have a big gig coming up this Friday, 29th, at the Night Owl, London (flyer below). It is a Halloween night so come in your most hideous grotesque outfits. I want the Adam’s family standing right there in front of me as I strut across the stage.

Secondly I’m in an exhibition called Supernatural at the Hundred Years Gallery. It starts this week. The private view is this Thursday 28th October, and I specially invite you to come along. If you can’t make the Thursday there is a special night of short films, improvised weird stuff with Dulwich Meat Raffle, and Jowe Head performing on this Saturday.

If you can’t make the Gig or any of the exhibition because, say, you live on the other side of the world, I give you this to consider:

The other day there was a demon sitting in my kitchen next to my cat, pretending to be another cat. Licking himself like cats do. He looked like a little grey monkey. When I realised it wasn’t a cat, or a monkey, but a demon, he laughed at me and ran off. I’m not sure what to make of that, maybe I’ll draw him one day. What do you think that was all about?

The small monkey demon will not appear in the exhibition, there wasn’t enough time, but similar beasts do, and I’m sure he’ll appear in another soon, or maybe in an animation…

Of course with all this business I have not yet finished Ice Man or Sin Eater. However I assure you they will be slithering into my offerings to you in the near future. Good things come to those that wait, hopefully.

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