The Morph Affair

As could be predicted our first gig since lockdown has been cancelled, as too has our second and third. To match this my mission to finish The Sin Eater video by our first post lockdown gig has also been…postponed. It’s 3/4 done, but now I have to finish another animation by September. You see CityLit have invited me back on their course to make up for what was missed last year, so it makes sense to spend the time learning something new. I’m shooting Ice Man, morph style.

Remember Morph in Tony Hart?

This involves me having a love affair with Morph. Or perhaps it’s Morph’s paler friend. It’s been very interesting so far. I sculpt him from ice (cream)…hopefully, I’m trying to film this scene tomorrow on the kitchen table. Sometimes I get a distinct feeling that I’m the Ed Wood producer of stop motion animation, but I won’t let this stop me.

The Ice Man, looking a bit worried about what’s to come…

I’m also threatening to hold a small animation festival in October time, more information to come.

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