The Sin Eater in the Style of Captain Pugwash

Shortly to undertake the eating of Sin

Back in February and March I was trying out all sorts of animation techniques and finishing nothing. Ok I suppose but a little unsatisfactory. So April came along and I decided to set myself a mission, and the mission was and is to finish the Sin Eater animation for the Rude Mechanicals song by the same name.

I started the Sin Eater animation about three years ago, before I did the CityLit animation course even, so I thought it be time to get it done.

Right, I said to myself, I should be strict and set myself a deadline, and the first gig after the lockdown seems like something to celebrate, why not finish it for then? That gives me just two months to complete it in.

Can I do it?

If the progression of the last week is anything to go by – or more accurately the lack of progression and a general stumbling backwards – then no. I was so proud of what I’d got done on Friday, but then discovered a huge mistake and will probably have to scrap the whole scene and film it again. Woe is me.

I like that paper cut out look. I’m doing it in a similar style to Another Glass of Wine. I find stop-motion animation is becoming a love/hate relationship. Perhaps a bit of editing digitally will make it work? But I find too much digital editing and the animation looses its magic.

I need to lock myself away for the next two months and get it done. Unfortunately that’s not looking possible.

Why am I using the slow, old form of animation? Why not use Animate or a similar digital programme?

Not me! I’m stubborn. I like the feel of stop-motion. It reminds me of things I watched as a child, Bagpuss and The Clangers, Ivor the Engine and Captain Pugwash . They were great!

It may seem a little odd doing a horror tale in the style of Captain Pugwash, but that’s not going to stop me!

So much to do, so little time to do it in, and everything seeming to move backwards. As some wise person somewhere once said – Take one step at a time and don’t look up at the whole mountain. Eventually you’ll get there.

Note and sketches

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