Infinite nothingness

I sit

I wait

I am on a stall at the Satanic Christmas Fayre.

It is small

There isn’t many people

Satan is unpopular this year

And hasn’t bothered to show up

I’m not a Satan worshiper because I’m not a Christian

I’m a Pagan

I believe in many Gods

in everything

I’m particularly fond of Hazelnut trees

And Oaks

Maybe I’m a tree worshipper

Water is amazing!

Or water

A water worshipper

I shall write a song about it

There wouldn’t be much of me without trees and water

But I’m bored

And cold

And want to go home

Or be wrapped in a large blanket by an open fire with a large glass of rum and ginger, and sleep.

Instead I’ll try and take over people’s minds .

“Submit to my will!

Look into my eyes and see the infinite nothingness that awaits”

There’s a tall dark stranger standing in front of me who seems to be drawing a portrait of me…

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