the Outside (and a naked podcast)

Today I left my tower and ventured into the outside world.

Wearing my sequinned mask and red velvet cape I initially felt protected by the magic force, but it wasn’t long into the journey when my sequins became nervous, they warned me of the dangers that lurked. Strangers in sinister face coverings skulked in every shop. A helicopter flew above me, constantly purring in the summer sky. It tracked my movements, checking I didn’t fall out of line, didn’t disobey.

A hot day. Pink and red skinned beasts lay virtually naked on the public garden lawn. Why don’t they grow fur like other animals? Its so much more attractive. Miss, my cat, agrees. I walked once around the block and returned hurriedly to my tower, daring not to enter a shop incase they shot me with their germ loaded machine guns, I know they hide such things behind the counter.

At home I have tea and fresh cake ( an experiment with albino rats this time). Miss tells me off for having left the tower. I should have listened to her, but I had finished the animation (coming out with the Rude Mechanicals new album in the spring next year), and I’d podded the podcast with the rest of the Rudes –

and I just wanted to check that the outside world still existed and wasn’t just a hologram projected on to my windows.

Well it does exist, and it’s dangerous.

3 thoughts on “the Outside (and a naked podcast)”

  1. Hello Miss Roberts. I am posting here instead of your 2018 blog page as you are more likely to notice this.

    I was very sorry to see your kind obituary to Jeremy Henty. He was a friend and close colleague of mine for several years when we worked at the NEC. I knew him as a kind and helpful fellow techie, very private in many ways, but always flamboyant in dress and always a smile in his eyes.

    I too lost track of him after he left Bateman Street, he was still at the Sanger centre in 2015, but now he is rapidly fading from the Internet.

    I would dearly like to hear more about him and what he was doing in recent years

    1. Hello Ralph
      Unfortunately I lost touch with Jeremy several years ago. I had moved to London and he stayed in Cambridge. I can give you a friends email, Tim, who kept in touch with him. I’ve just got to find it, will send it to you once I do. Please remind me if you don’t hear from me. Sorry that I can’t be more helpful.

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