November moment

I lie here in my bed with the cat on my lap watching the large sycamore tree outside. It’s leaves have turned from green to red to yellow in the last month. There is trouble to come, but for now this is a very beautiful moment. I thoroughly recommend spending time just watching a tree.

2 thoughts on “November moment”

  1. Very meditative. I have studied bark in Wales at a retreat centre called Vajraloka, during two weeks of (near total) silence there. The detail never ends. My failing eyesight precludes such past times as much as I used to, now.

    We are losing the world to small screens. Miopia will blind us to landscapes. Unless on mobile phones. Pixels are replacing cells. But the wind blows our hair and the rain will always tyrannise us. Trees breathe out air and absorb filth. Never thanked and always serving.

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