Good Morning, Rude Mechanicals gig in Stoke tonight, I probably ought to get out of bed for it

I’m in bed, the cat is on my lap trying to stop me from writing this and my tea is nice but does taste just a little bit metallic. Tonight is a Rude Mechanicals gig in Stoke. Luckily I’m not teaching today. I must get out of bed, shower and get off to see Punkvert to collect the remains of the Cyclops and the Wildebeest albums. Then get back and finish the Wildebeest linocuts. Oh, also there is a video installation thing I need to prepare, filmed with John Callaghan it is of the naked Cyclops in the Library of Obscure Wonders. Need to find wig, make sure dress is still in one piece and not too smelly. And I’d better print out the new songs in extra large prints and ask Jowe to bring his music stand along. Jowe wrote two of the new songs we are doing tonight, they are very good, one is about Coney Island and one is about creating a Golem, which is something I will make one day along with my perfect child.

Must get out of bed

but I can’t get out of bed because that would disturb the cat!

This is a lot of spoododle (a word I’ve just invented for writing fairly drab descriptions whilst lying in with a cat on your lap). Maybe I’ll see you later at the gig?

( soon I will write about my beloved chrysanthemum which recently passed away and do more animation)


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