She Snored Like A Rhino

Its been two weeks. I know I said I’d create a miniature animation every week, but this is a little bit bigger than miniature and almost, but not quite, has a story. Very loosely based on a Rude Mechanicals song done many many moons ago. I think the track is on the Homemade album, though to be honest with you I can’t remember how it goes. And yes I do snore, horribly!

5 weeks

There are now five weeks leading up to my birthday and I’ve decided to set myself a task. The task is to create one miniature animation per week for the next 5 weeks, or one larger one with a story.

This task is very much like my New Years resolutions in that there is a high possibility of it not actually happening, or even beginning. But this is a mission that has been set and I will try my best to complete it!

(Note the determination in my eyes there)

To get me in the mood here is a very basic little animation I did 5 years ago about Derek, the man in my loft, with sound by Rude Mechanicals and especially Tom Greenhalgh on drum sticks.