Aliens hanging around the place


The aliens are here now. They have been hanging around for the last three weeks. At first they were just in my flat but now they are following me around. They were at the print club last night, it was a little disconcerting it being such a small room.

At first I thought they were my neighbours next door, there is a lot of very energetic men in there 20’s next door, who are always sliding in and out of windows and fences, but if it was them they’d have done something by now, not just hang around. Then I thought it might be the council because they want me out of my flat they are trying to find evidence against me, or even the government. Then I realised it was aliens again, they have visited me before, and for some reason this is much more believable and comfortable. I don’t know what they are doing but it doesn’t seem to be harmful.

Yes of course it is me hallucinating, my brain being mutant, but that is just one side. For me to say they are simply hallucinations and try to completely ignore them is for me to hide from myself. It is better for me to accept that aliens are visiting me with good intent and live happily with that.

They are from a realm, or dimension, or whatever, that exists here just next to ours all the time, we just don’t normally have access to it. It is very powerful. My seizures, and I imagine certain drugs, open the door to it. That is not necessarily a good thing, the seizure I had today was painful and involved my bedroom pillow growing many faces which were laughing at me and tearing apart my being, tearing apart everything I am from inside.

Time and space do not exist there in the same way as they exist here. An omnipotent being is in everything and everything is breathing. It is a mistake to try and hold on to your identity there, because it will be ripped apart and torn from you.

But yes, the aliens hiding in the corners of my flat, dashing past me when I’m cooking or watching the computer, curling up with the cat or standing next to the coats, are visitors from this alternative realm and in a way I am pleased to see them. They remind me that there is always an alternative, and that somehow, I have no idea how, there is a way to break the current flatlined  spell we are under.

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