New Years Resolutions 17 – The jumper and the wigs

I read last years resolutions, of which I managed to keep about half; which is better than the year before, when I think I broke all of them within the first month. So this year it is a lot simpler:

  1. Get back into writing regular blogs
    Writing helps order my thoughts, clears some of the nonsense in my mind and gives me an excuse to research irrelevant facts. Why would I not do it?
  2. Finish all those 101 things I’ve started but not completed
    Well at least half of them. There are so many and my life feels like a half knitted jumper with lots of untied threads hanging out. This includes the Spletzer-Martin story and last year’s resolution about getting more illustration commissions  which I broke (unless I include a dreadful mural commission which I regret taking on).
  3. Stop it with the paranoia and jealousy crap
    Life is too short. So you may all be out to get me and laughing with evil sneering grimaces behind my back, but I have a god damn bomb in my brain and am too old to give a damn.
  4. Wear more wigs.