Elsie’s Lap

TunnAbel falls asleep there, for a bit, in Elsie’s lap. As he comes round he is at her apartment in bed. It is a Sunday morning and in a few moments Elsie is going to get up and make him a cup of tea. She’ll bring it to him in bed and then come and snuggle under the covers with him. A lovely Sunday morning and he is innocent. There is something not quite right about it though, an unpleasant smell,  cool air, a slow creeping sense of horror. He tries to cling on to the fantasy but it is fading now and the sewer is returning. He opens his eyes, then closes them quickly, just a little longer in that warm bed, please?

There is no such luxury and he is sadly becoming fully conscious of this. An anxious feeling in his gut makes him realise he is due another Spletzer-Martin tablet. From the corners a man in a dirty white petticoat steps forward. It is Steve. Abel sits up and removes his arms from Elsie. Steve takes Abel’s hand and he slides from the ledge. The old Abel is left behind, just the faintest ghost, still dreaming of Sunday’s in bed.

Together Abel and Steve stumble off into the darkness like old goblins. Elise doesn’t move, doesn’t try to stop him. She feels very heavy, like a huge weight has been placed upon her, but she doesn’t understand what it is or what she should do with it.

What happens to the Sin Eater once she has eaten all your sins?


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