Blue Phalli

Elsie was very drunk indeed by the time they left the club. Somehow she got herself on the tube and onto the Piccadilly line. Her brain was fizzing but she could not think on anything for more than a minute. The train was quiet. She snoozed for the first two stops to Green Park. At Green Park three women got on and sat opposite her, they were chatting in an excited manner, they’d been to see a film together. Elsie ignored them at first, shut her eyes and started to snooze again. Then she woke up with a start, a peculiar heat and excitement consumed her body, a tension took hold of her that made her grab her seat tight. Her mind was racing, thoughts going through it so fast she couldn’t catch them. Then an unearthly growling sound forced her eyes wide open and focused them on the three women opposite her, only now they weren’t three women. Three large blue shinny phalli sat opposite her now, they looked plastic but weren’t, they were alive. They oozed liquid as conversation, what’s more they knew her and knew her well.

Elsie attempted to cling on to some rational thoughts, something that would turn them back into chattering women, but her thoughts were obsolete at this moment, mere ripples on a huge ocean of terror.

She passed out.


This is part of the Spletzer Martin 5 story, all episodes to be found:

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