New years Resolutions -Grow up Roberts!

Danger: May contain dirty underwear

This is my first blog in bloody ages. Why return to blogging now, after a good few years?  The washing of underwear perhaps. Because I use this space as a kind of pit for the entangled, obsessive and confused me that gets all tightly twisted inside and needs somewhere to get out that doesn’t involve cruelty to humans.

So, I’ll start with new years resolutions as it is a new year and it seems like a good start.

  1. Bowie, I loved you, but I must grow up.
  2. Stop getting obsessive about people, it is crazy, I have done it since I was 6 years old and fancied Richard Johnson in school. I must stop now! I have even stalked people a little, which is very bad. I’ve written about my first stalking on here Part 1. A Bit of Old Fashioned Stalking, if your interested, like I said its dirty underwear.
  3. Find some security of my own. A part time job  teaching evening classes and doing the occasional illustration commission just isn’t enough. It leaves me too dependent on others financially and emotionally. I realized earlier this year that it is crazy for my future to lie solely on someone else, for them to be somehow held responsible for me finding somewhere nice to live etc. Just plain silly. I enjoy illustrating, I must make a career out of it, and with the added teaching it should be a good career, shouldn’t it?
  6. Get the book done. I’m writing/drawing a book about drawing trees and woodland, it will be very beautiful.
  7. Grow up, but know that there is magic, you wont loose it just because you are a grown up.
  8. Yep, there is still magic.
Passport photo of me at 14 years lod
Me at 14

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