10. Water

6th March

There are several hundred people living under London. No one can say when the first people started living down there, but it has certainly been growing steadily since 2000.  They are a close, strong community due to the harshness of their circumstances. The elder generation are mainly people who lost their homes during the big recession, those who couldn’t get jobs, the sick and the disabled who were abandoned as successive governments privatised the NHS.

The elder generation, although mocking of the above-landers, still hold a buried shame and desire to return to the daylight. The second generation however, now in their late teens and early twenties, don’t have this desire. Born in the tunnels they are proud of what they are, scavenging is their art and the above-landers are cattle to be milked.

The biggest difficulty about living down there is finding clean drinking water. Although Underlondon is partially flooded most of the time, and contains the old buried rivers of London, the water is dirty and the rivers have become sewers. Instead the people of Underlondon have sort out the ancient springs, trickles of fresh water flowing from cracks in the brick work. These springs are precious to the people down there and the holy qualities of the springs, appreciated in the past, are returning.

Where as many an above-lander has come to the rational conclusion that there are no gods, the Underlondoner knows there is nothing more rational than treating what sustains your life as Divine.


9. So where were we…

8. Drunken Delirium
7. Hallucinari
6. Dread
5. Slapdash
4. Eyes in the Machines
3. Underlondon
2. Abel
1. What YOU Need!

( I know I should be listening to CD’s instead of writing this, but I really can’t stand those little black speakers I’ve got, and when I do listen to a piece I like on CD I have to listen to it again and again and again.)

2 thoughts on “10. Water”

  1. Im the same. when theres a song i really like i’ll play it over and over and over. even if its one that makes me weepy, I’ll turn it down if i play it too much so that my neighbours don’t think ive gone loopy. I have better taste than them and I dont want to ruin it.
    Im not that bad with the sound levels though, im pretty considerate considering. but i will fling open the windows on a sunny afternoon and let the trance heads know Zappa’s Peaches en Regalia is a much better choice then what i hear coming through my walls at 2am on a Tuesday morning. You wouldnt mind trading speakers with them would you?
    im fortunate, I quite like my big black speakers, modestly big. Ive got a good thing here. Ive always had a PA system, as opposed to a stereo. Its one of the main reasons i play music live – to push sound through big black speakers. They remind me of the monolith structure in 2001: a Space Odyssey. And I suppose there’s a phallic element to it, i have thought about that. perhaps thats part of the turn-on. but I have a very synaestasiac relationship with them as well and can almost see the sounds flying out, which is what i try to immediately latch onto when playing live. Difficult and worrying if distracted.
    What im not too keen on is the amp that powers them. The cooling fan inside has gone wonky and sounds like a motorcycle. Its very loud. The only way to get it to stop is to bang it against something, which im sure is more annoying for my neighbours than the same song theyre about to hear over and over again, especially if its one of my own compositions that I havent quite finished yet.

    Funny, i had a dream about what you mentioned above, I was lying on a plank in a tunnel surrounded by water. My memory of it is hazy because it was a couple of weeks back, just before you wrote this. I thought, the correlations in my life to miss Roberts blog are just not going to stop are they. i used to get spooked out by it but im getting used to it now. Like when i walked into a used bookshop the day you went in for surgery and sticking out brightly from all the others was the book HOSPITAL.

    It was a bigger than normal proofread copy which is why it stuck out from all the others and it wasnt yet divided into chapters so it was one big long read. I looked at the price and thought it a bit dear and left the shop and got outside and i heard it say ‘where do you think youre going’. maybe not as dramatic as that, but i did change my mind and went back in.
    It was a delightfull book. really good story.. surrealism, realism, religion, sacrifice, regeneration. It was all there. Reading it was like a weird dream. But so is life

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