The Further Adventures of the Spletzer-Martin No. 5 – update

Time Machine
A Time Machine

I let the Spletzer Martin out of its cage too early, as it turns out I am having a brain operation now, and I’ll need the Spletzer Martin as an obsession during the long tedious hours of waiting. It can’t really involve anyone else at this period, a private daydream.

Though I’ll still post the story up on this blog, makes me actually start to write the thing.

I think I’ll do the recording session in May, presuming I’m all ok and the glue sticking my brain together is holding.

I have almost pinned down what it is I think: An illustrated animation/film with experimental soundtrack, to be produced as a run of 100 in cd format presented in an origami box. You can do origami in a hospital bed you see, and possibly animation if i can find a suitable app.

Yes. thats what it is, settled then. I think…

Notes on the Grand Plan

Brain Porn

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