2. Abel

He knows there is blood covering his wrists and the palms of his hands, but something tells him if he keeps his fingers crossed and doesn’t look at it it won’t be real.

So far his theory seems correct as no one else has noticed. Most people are ignoring him.

He looks like a tramp, he is a tramp, and no one wants to look closely at a tramp. The tube station is carrying on it’s normal 5 o’clock rush and the only person who is curious is the newspaper vendor.

Abel just has to get to the station exit turn the corner and then he can slump down in the graveyard for a while. Hopefully.

Baron’s Court is such a nice polite London station, a place you go to watch tennis.

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7 thoughts on “2. Abel”

    1. actually thats probably entirely innapriate to such a nice thing youve written and maybe i hope you dont publish it, doesnt sit well!

      its just that earlier this week i had been reflecting on my life for an autmunbiography and came across the era when i was really into this band, album, and especially this song. and then i read this this morning and really identified with the Tramp, and thought oh its like aqualung. am i turning into aqualung? probably – time does feel like it has stopped.

      but as usual with your writing, your lines are like spells.

      looki forward to seeing the illustrations you do for the Japanese books. what a nice thing

      1. What are the lyrics? All I could really hear of them was the word aqualung which always makes me think of water on the lung and makes me feel squeamish. Who is aqualung?

  1. I wish now that Aqualung was one of those huge dogs that can swim and rescues people and I could talk about how it gives hi5s with its huge webbed paws, but its not, its a learing old tramp with walking pneumonia whos noticed by few except the street vendor and crosseyed Mary.
    I never could make out the lyrics much either, even before posting, havent heard it since i was a kid, so I was shocked to discover the Letching Grey she ‘makes it’ with is not actually a type of Bird!! oh dear. childhood misconception shattered. which seems to be happening alot these days.
    I mean what exactly would she be making with a Bird – which we’ll call Aquabird for the moment.

  2. this one’s better. a friend of mine posted it. it made me laugh. i thought of you.
    consequently the same friend recently developed a fascination for slime-moulds. weird.
    hope yuh well

  3. and that me, for sure
    sheer love from the heart of a fellow tramp miss Roberts.
    beauty and good things to you in 2012.
    fingers crossed.

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