1. What YOU need!

Spletzer-Martin No.5Do you feel tied at work? Find you need something to perk you up, but normal caffeine based stimulants just leave you feeling irritated? A new pill has been developed that makes you super-productive, and unlike other stimulants it doesn’t give poor judgment, jumpiness or the need for extra sleep. This tablet makes sleep completely redundant!

Stay awake for 40 hours at a time, and feel great!

Sleep for 8 hours then do another 40 hours awake.

Mood-brightening and memory-enhancing psychostimulant which enhances wakefulness and vigilance.

The new stay-awake pills have no known side effects

Feeling exhausted at work? The company on your back to get more done? Got a tight deadline that you just must meet? The Spletzer-Martin No5 is what you need, speed and efficiency. Work harder for longer. Make your company proud of you!

Available online or from your local pharmacy. Discounts now available from the Government Employment  Corporation, ask your employer for further details.

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