Stalking part 4. With Thunderbirds.

Dressed to stalk
My stalking outfit.

This is me, dressed to stalk. Sasha wore a tight white mini skirt, low cut white t-shirt and stiletto heels. I felt the more professional stalker.

We met outside the sweet shop, it was 6pm Friday night, we were both clutching a bottle of blue Thunderbirds, a  cheap sweet drink for getting drunk quick. We knew the way to his house well now, it was the one just on the corner, we’d skipped lessons during the day to go and watch it. He was at home now. We were very excited. Downing some vile alcoholic liquid for courage we approached the house. Someone was changing in the bedroom above the street door. We breathed in, was it him?! Was he naked! A deep silence came over us. We hung at the gate to the front garden not knowing what to do. Then there was a shriek that made our skin shiver. Who was giving us away? Or was it us loosing control? We panicked and ran down a passage to the side of the house. A small cat slid between our legs. We came upon the dustbins…

To be continued

Stalking Part 5. The Knife

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