Recording of Glass Eye from my Garden

The patio
The "patio" where I serve afternoon tea.

As a break from the stalking I’ve been practicing  Glass Eye  this afternoon  in the back garden, with a harmonica and an old plastic flower pot. I’m doing my solo act in Edinburgh at the end of the month, need to get some songs and poems ready.  I’m not sure if I’ll use the flower pot.

I like the sound of the trains in the background on this recording, its the District and Piccadilly lines coming into Barons Court station in London.

About a year ago I found some bones in the garden (The Bones in the Back Garden), I will be bashing these together in Edinburgh. They sound good with the song Sin Eater .

I’m also making up a song about Satan having a beach hut.

Below are some pictures of the garden. Its even more over grown now than it was a year ago, but I have made what could almost be described as a patio. I serve afternoon tea and cakes to guests here. If ever you’re around Barons Court pop in. Monty will be pleased to see you.

My overgrown garden in May
My overgrown garden about a year ago
My garden 2011
My garden from the same angle now.
Monty, my dog.

8 thoughts on “Recording of Glass Eye from my Garden”

  1. Since seeing this its a big want of mine to have afternoon tea with you in your garden and meet monty. At any rate, have a great time and a great show in Edinburgh.

  2. yeah I know hon. only just realized that decision is what youre immediately going through. and what a thing to face but It seems like the symptoms of living with it are really beginning to grate for you. and you just want to live your life.
    Im not sure bravery is involved in this more than exasperation but I know youre a strong person and Ive sensed waves of uncommon tenderness from you too. Youre well admired and adored over here Jo, and if you do have to spend any length of time in a boring, procedural hospital maybe let us know where you are and i’ll try and send you a letter or something.
    now –
    Alien, get thee out of her head!
    There, Evangelical spell from an x-holy Roller

    Love to you Miss Roberts!

  3. I’d rather now I had just asked you what you think might do rather than this sort of proclomation – i get so caught up sometimes. but i feel. Hope the Fringe festival is going well

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