Rusalka - Water Demons
Water Demons

I am possessed by demons due to wearing the evil mask Simon Aronson made me. But luckily it will all be alright because the 11th June is Rusalka Night!
It is in early June that the Rusalka water demons are most dangerous. They leave their watery depths in order to swing on branches of birch and willow trees by night. They entice bachelors and children dragging them down into the watery depths or tickling them to death!
To render these water demons harmless and perhaps lay their souls to rest the Rude Mechanicals will be celebrating Rusalka week on Saturday 11th June with music, dance, and the ritual burial of mermaids.

Derek part 5. Pink and Naked

Derek crouched painfully in my loft

Derek is a big man, he must be he’d been making such a lot of noise up there in my loft. I could picture him as I lay naked and shivering under my duvet, still drying off from the bath. I could picture him naked like me, and vulnerable, a big man crouched painfully in the tiny corners of my loft.

What did he eat? How could he survive up in my loft with nothing to eat? Well he eats the dust and bugs to survive of course, and drinks the water from the hot water tank. I breath in deeply remembering the smell of sweat in the loft, that was the smell of Derek. I imagine his pink bulky body filling that dark space above my head.

But then I think to myself, what if Derek were to come down from my loft to live with me in my flat? What then?

To be continued…¬†Part 6.

Sturdy White Knickers

This time last year I undertook knicker-less voting. In hindsight it turned out to be a disaster. I got what I asked for but it turned out what I asked for was very very wrong! So this year I’m wearing the sturdiest most sensible white knickers I can find to vote for a new way in which to vote.
The poll station this time is the Bhavan Centre which I’ve never been in before, it has a large mural of Krishna surrounded by golden cows on the far wall which makes the tatty polling booths and printed out instruction posters look completely out of place. It was worth going to vote because despite the mundane and somewhat Monty Python democracy ritual, Krishna was still looking good.