Well yes, I am Miss Roberts, artist, Queen Bee of the Rude Mechanicals (an absurd rock band) and founder of The Library of Obscure Wonders. I’ve decided to write a diary, because life is strange and fascinating and I haven’t quite got used to it yet. Maybe this will help. So I’ll write what happens to pop into my head whilst I’m writing, maybe daily, maybe not. We will see…

2 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Hmmmm
    I wonder what provoked this?
    It is good anyway – blogging is so theraputic! Well I think so

    1. Well it seems these days if you don’t blog you don’t exist. Thinking it might be useful to organise my life around, this self-employment lark means I’m all over the place, never know what’s happening next. Trouble is I don’t know how much of Jo it’s going to be, and how much of that drunked Miss Roberts.

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